Ich bin glücklich an eine wundervolle und hübsche junge Frau vergeben
Who plays TERA, Rift or Path of Exile on EU Servers?

I really want to play with some of my readers :D

I have

  • Rift
  • TERA
  • Path of Exile
  • AION (I’m not sure if I like it or not…)
  • Age of Conan (I have a Love-Hate relationship with this game…)

I also thought about trying Neverwinter.

Any other good MMO suggestions?

7308) When people say nice things about me, and tell me I’m cute, and look nice, and compliment my earrings, it makes me question whether they are trying to make me feel good because they know I don’t pass, or whether they mean it. Being halfway through transition is the worst, but I’m afraid I’ll never pass anyway.
Gamer and a trans-woman? Yay for relateable!

Yeay :D


Informal infographic depicting evolution 

Eins der absolut schönsten Dinge im Leben ist: Der Person, die man liebt, beim Schlafen zuschauen zu können

Und dabei das leise und total süße Schnarchen zu hören <3

Ich liebe meine Freundin <3